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Residential Roofing

The Heritage Premier Installation

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality roof available through an installation system comprised of careful attention to detail and the use of superior building materials. We go above and beyond the manufacturer's requirements for installation and take every possible precaution to protect your structure against wind, water, and heat. No matter what shingle or metal roof you choose, you can rest assured that your new roof exceeds industry standards and is set to withstand some of the harshest environmental circumstances.


Most roofing contractors do not take the time to inspect your home's wood decking. We always take this extra step to inspect the entire roof decking for possible rotten wood. We completely document our findings and inform you immediately of our inspection results.


Without proper installation of underlayment, your decking will be consistently exposed to moisture and will, over time, become soft and appear wavy. This can also cause your new shingles to crack and deteriorate quickly. We use only plastic capped fasteners when we install the underlayment. We also far exceed roofing industry standards by installing Ice & Water Shield in every valley, beneath all flashing, and at every penetration point on your roof.

Roofing Insurance Claims

Heritage Roofing works with the homeowner and insurance company to ease the process of recovering from disaster. We provide the following roofing claim services at no additional charge:

  • Free Roof Damage Inspection
  • We will file the insurance claim for you
  • Insurance Claim Inspection
  • Perform work from Insurance Claim Sheet
  • Finalize Claim Payment
  • Our experience and relationships with insurance claim adjusters help streamline the process and get your home repaired with no unwanted surprises.

    Residential Roofing Shingles


    We have addressed every area of shingle installation to help ensure the longest life of your roof. Our certified crews will exceed the manufacturer's guidelines in all areas of installation. For example, we nail each shingle with six nails, rather than the industry standard of only four.


    Flashing is where most leaks occur, but still many contractors give only a minimum amount of attention to these areas. We recognize this to be one of the most important places to prevent water leaks. We place Ice & Water Shield under all areas of flashing, and install step flashing at all chimneys. We also take some additional steps, like painting visible flashing and pipe vents to match the color of the roof, to ensure that your new roof is not only leak-free, but also beautiful.

    Residential Roofing


    Improper ventilation of your attic will cause high temperatures and void the manufacturer's warranty. High temperatures can even cause damage to the structure of your house and exterior paint. They can cause your roof to lose up to half its life due to premature shingle damage. It is essential that we do an analysis of your current ventilation and give you the specified amount of vents required to maintain your manufacturer's warranty. We use hard plastic ridge vents that resist hail and never have peeling paint.


    Your roof will receive multiple inspections. During installation, we make sure all the building code inspections occur at the proper times. Your Superintendent will oversee the installation and complete a Quality Control Inspection checklist. After installation, we will complete a final walk-through with your Project Manager to ensure that your roof meets the Heritage Roofing Co., Inc. Premier Installation standards and ensure your satisfaction.

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    Residential Roofing


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